In 1916, the Greeley Seventh-day Adventist Church started the first Greeley SDA School in a small frame house on 16th Avenue and 4th Street.  The students carried their drinking water in a pail from a well near the school.  The playground equipment was a hay stack on which the students enjoyed playing.  In 1924, the church rebuilt on 9th Street and 13th Avenue, so the school met in the basement until the church was sold.  Then, the students met in two different houses before property was purchased on 23rd Avenue on 8th Street; the school‘s current location.  In 1946, a quonset building with two classrooms was erected on the property.  Sixty-eight students were enrolled that year.  In 1967, a brick building with two classrooms and a gymnasium was built, and the quonset building was removed.  Fifty-eight students were enrolled that year.  Since then, two additional classrooms have been added, as well as a Community Services addition onto the back of the gymnasium.  The school, now called Adventist Christian School, has educated students in grades one through eight for over one hundred years, and at times has also offered preschool and ninth grade.  Enrollment in grades one through eight has ranged from the teens to the high sixties composed of students from the church and the community.  Some of our students are 3rd, 4th, and 5 generation students to attend ACS. ACS has been providing quality Christian education for many years.